Anubhavv Arora comes from the same family of well-known publishers that founded and ran the famous Universal Book Traders and Universal Law Publishing Company, a household name among the lawyers and students and scholars of law in India.

He went to St Xavier’s School in Delhi, graduated from Delhi University and flew to the Lincoln University, United Kingdom (UK) to arm himself with a master’s diploma in Business Administration before joining his father business Over two decades back.

Being the son of a very successful father, who is currently the President of The Federation of Publishers’ & & Booksellers Associations in India (FPBAI) and the father of a chess prodigy, Anubhavv knows the sweat-and-blood side of the struggles that go into the making of success. There are those sleepless nights filled with all kinds of anxieties, a long series of rejections and disappointments and failures, and then there is the determination in the face of it all, which fuels the flight to the top. And that’s what inspired him to launch what we now know as the Rising Youth Superstars of India project