Our Vision

A nation is built on the force of the talent the country has, and India has never been short on talent. Why is it then that our success across the board is not exactly concomitant with the talent we have, and only some of our very talented populace get to shine and the rest end up being just momentary glint shooting from a distance one moment, and gone the other? It was not hard to find the answer either. We are not too good at nurturing the talent we have, for we frequently choose to put even the most talented of our children through formal, conventional education at the cost of their innate talents, and keep pushing them to achieve the same old, conventional goals of a “good job” and a “good life”, which most often leaves little room for their talents to develop. The central vision of this project is to change that very status quo, and promote, inspire and encourage the talented kids to be the best they can be in whatever small way we can.

Our Mission

Towards the abovementioned goal, we decided to start by documenting the exceptionally talented children we have around us, some more talented than others, but all exceptionally talented just the same. Not only does it inspire the child concerned to see his profile published amid the profiles of other talented children like him/her, but it also inspires others, who might be just as talented, to strive to do better and be similarly celebrated. What’s even more important is that the parents, who might be reluctant to let their talented kids spread their wings, so to speak, for the fear of hurting their future career prospects, might be encouraged to be more supportive of the talents of their children and may warm up to the idea that academic demands on a growing child can be managed and the extra-curricular talents of the child polished together, without the two cutting into each other. And the same is being done every day by a number of exceptionally talented children with the support of their parents, who are every bit as extraordinary for lending such wholehearted support to their children, doing a remarkable job of responsible parenting, for which all praise is inadequate.