Arnav Nigam: The Face of Academic Excellence

Mumbai based Arnav Nigam started making an impact in academics at the tender age of three. According to his parents, Sanjay Kumar Nigam and Dr. Reena Nigam, Arnav started showing signs of academic excellence ever since he was a year and a half old. At the age of three, he went on to win his first trophy for the “Mask Me” inter-school competition. His intellect was evident in his curiosity to learn. He was inquisitive to the point where he used to get up at 5:30 a.m. just to read books. His learning was not restricted to reading. He could memorize and pronounce even complicated words easily. When his parents noticed the effort he was putting in, they made it their goal to create the most conducive environment for him to flourish.

Arnav always had full support of his family, which includes his parents and his grandparents. Everyone did their bit to support Arnav, who is a multi-faceted and versatile child. Not only does he have a flair for academics, but also devotes his time to his hobbies and passions. Some of Arnav’s hobbies include drawing, painting, and playing the tabla. When it comes to sports, Arnav shows interest in basketball, cricket, and chess.

Arnav draws inspiration mainly from his own accomplishments, like a self-fueling powerhouse. Arnav has received global recognition through various international competitions and events. Some of his achievements include a World Rank 1 in World Mathematics Olympiad and World English Olympiad. He has more than 700 awards and accolades in the form of certificates, medals, trophies, and merit honours. He holds the World Rank 1 in Avogadro Chemistry by the Univesity of Waterloo, Canada. He has bagged gold medals twice in the Homi Bhabha Junior Scientist Exam at different levels. In the Hong-Kong International Mathematical Olympiad, Arnav was given the title of ‘World Star – India’ and ‘World Champion’. Furthermore, he was honoured for academic excellence five times from the Maharashtra and Goa zone for his outstanding and exceptional achievements in Science Olympiad Foundation.

Some of his international representations include the Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad, the Singapore, American, Australian, and Russian Mathematical Olympiads, and other Asian and World Olympiads. He is an active member of IJHS (International Junior Honour Society), Singapore. This membership was bestowed upon him due to his exemplary performance in the various international olympiads organised by SIMCC, Singapore. He is also a platinum member of YALA (Young Achievers Leadership Academy), Scholastic Trust, Singapore.

To top it all off, Arnav holds the World Record for being “The youngest to achieve the highest number of accolades”, “The youngest to achieve the maximum number of awards in academics”, and “The youngest to achieve maximum number of accolades in the least time”. He has been enlisted in more than 25 world books of records for these exemplary feats. Some of these include the International Book of Records, the Asian World Records, Future Kalam’s Book of Records, Universal Book of Records, and the British World Records.

Arnav has been honored with several awards such as ‘Bharat Bhushan Award’, ‘National Pride Award’, ‘Rashtriya Ratna Award’, ‘Rashtriya Baal Kala Samman’, ‘India Star Icon Kids Achievers Award’, ‘Rashtriya Baal Ratna Award’, ‘Asia Pacific Excellence Award’, ‘The Child Prodigy Award’, ‘International Brilliance Award’, ‘Rashtriya Samaaj Ratna Puraskar’, ‘Rashtriya Nagrik Gaurav Puraskar’, ‘Rashtriya Vibhushan Gaurav Puraskar’, ‘Rashtriya Padma Gaurav Puraskar’, ‘Kalam’s Sparkling Diamond Award’, ‘Young Achiever Award’, among other awards from various government and non-governmental organisations and bodies. He has also been awarded the Global Brilliance Award 2022 in the field of education.

Arnav spends much of his time honing all his skills, interests, and hobbies. Since Arnav is a self-motivated child, he can focus and prioritise his tasks on his own. Seeing such passion and dedication in him, parents and teachers are proud to guide and extend their support for his future endeavours.

His plans for the future not only include his being the best at all he does, but also being able to serve the society and nation to the best of his abilities. Arnav focuses on the present while setting goals and targets for the future. He engages himself in taking small, baby steps that guarantee success. With such intellect, accomplishments, and dedication, Arnav is bound to do great for himself and make his family, society and his country proud.