Dr. Binu HP: The Eleven-year-old With a Doctorate

If the title does not sound correct, let’s just say the eleven-year-old Dr. Binu is full of unbelievable surprises, for he has managed at such young age what most adults fail to despite much effort.

Binu HP was born in the small town of Mysore, Karnataka to the blessed couple, Prabhakara HE, employed with the CRPF and Sowmya SP, a lecturer, on July 14, 2011. Binu was no ordinary child; he was miles ahead of kids his age. He was writing the alphabet at the age of 1.9 years and started drawing at the age of 3.5 years, when he was in LKG. At the age of 8 years, his dream of becoming an astronaut germinated. He told his parents that he wanted to go to the moon and it was no childish dream. He actually did want to walk on the surface of the moon and was willing to do whatever it takes to reach there. The sky was literally not the limit for this dreamer. This dream of his was supported by his parents with all their might and since then it has been a journey filled with awards and achievements, driven by Binu’s hard work.

Dr. Binu was relentless in making sure that he leaves no stone unturned on his way to the moon. A strong follower of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Binu is confident that he will be an astronaut one day and make his parents and his country proud. When the COVID-19 Pandemic had the world drowning in misery, Binu did not let his goal out of his sight and made sure he utilized the lockdown to the maximum. He completed close to 130 certificate courses over the period of the lockdown.

He is also very passionate about drawing and he makes sure that he divides his time in such a way that all of his interests get optimum time. If we sit down to enlist Dr. Binu’s achievements, we would be sitting down for quite some time, but to cover a few from the last couple of years, here are a few that are worth mentioning: one doctorate, 7 world records, 30 awards and more than 130 certificates. Dr. Binu has also completed 15 Astronomy courses.

The awards included prestigious titles such as the Bal Ratna Award 2021, Forever Star World Book Record 2021, Global Kids Achievers Award 2021, Dream Catchers Kids Conclave Season 3, 2021, Raastra Prerana Award 2021, Atma Nirbhar Bharat Award 2021, World Star Book of Record 2021, World Genius Record Nigeria and India 2021, International World Book of Excellence Award 2021, India Book of Record 2022, Indian Shiksha Award 2022, Bhartiya Chhatra Ratna Award 2022, World Record Achiever Award 2022, The Universal Tamil University Doctorate Award 2022, Future Kalams of India 2022, Universal Achievers’ Book of Records 2022, Future Kalams Book of Records 2022, International Brilliance Award 2022, Innovate Child Award 2022, Indian Star Icon Award 2022, Navbharat Rashtriya Gananpeeta Award 2022, SARC Brilliance Award 2022, Humanitarian Award 2021, Icon of South India Award 2022, Kala Gaurav Award 2022, International Super Talented Kids Award 2022, National Brains Maths Exam runner-up championship 2022, State Rank, District Rank 1, in German level 1 exam, medal and certificate, Asian Education Award 2022, National Kids’ Excellence Award 2022, Raising Youth Super Stars of India 2022, participation certificate for Global Child Prodigy Award 2022, International Super Talented Kids Award 2022, International Children’s Award 2022 and India’s Independent Inspiration Award 2022.

All this would not have been possible without the able guidance and training of Dr. Binu’s mentors, guides and trainers: in astronomy Dr. Vikram Londe, in IAS preparation, Pawan Shrivastav and in Robotics, Renuka Shukla.

Dr. Binu aims to keep climbing the ladder of success right to the moon. Motivated by his hunger for new knowledge, this boy will make waves beyond imagination. The universe is his to conquer.