Harshitaa: The flair filled Ahuja

Prodigies are not a gift of nature. They are a creation of the efforts of an individual, their surroundings and support systems, and their desire and motivation to shape a better future for themselves and the world around them. New Delhi based Harshitaa Ahuja is one such individual – a prodigy in her own right. Having started at a tender age of seven, she has a flair for dancing, which has not gone unnoticed considering her passion for it.

It was at the age of 5 or 6, when Harshitaa’s parents, Rimple Ahuja and Ramit Ahuja, noticed this ability in their child to gracefully express her creative side. It was during this time, at the age of 5, that Harshitaa got selected and received the title of Miss Mother’s Pride, winning all competitions in her school and coming first. Ever since then, it has been an upward trajectory for Harshitaa and her passion. With her mother Rimple as her most supportive family member, Harshitaa succeeded in receiving complete support and endorsement from her family.

In today’s age, the world is more receptive to an all-rounder student with skills beyond academic proficiency. There is a very simple, psychological explanation behind this. It becomes very easy to associate with someone who is more adaptive to the environment around oneself, is street smart, and has the capability to look beyond bookish understanding to creatively apply one’s mind to different situations in life.

Due to the above reasoning, parents in today’s world, consciously and subconsciously, ensure the creative development of their child. This ensures a holistic personality development, and prepares the child for the outside world. The same is the case with Ramit Ahuja and Rimple Ahuja, who have striven to ensure that their child excels in all the endeavors she undertakes.

The 2004-born Harshitaa does not only restrict herself to dance. She pursues a wide variety of activities, which also include painting, drawing, and playing the guitar. Moreover, she also ensures that her academic obligations are fulfilled with excellence. Her academic prowess is reflected in her results in a plethora of academic competitions, such as the School Olympiads, where she secured the first rank. Beyond this she also possesses a degree in Kathak, and has secured first position in several art competitions.

Upon being asked how their daughter is able to balance her talent and studies, Rimple and Ramit expressed the importance of time management. They conveyed that their daughter is able to juggle between her several talents as well as her academics because she makes a time schedule and follows it to the core, to ensure that proportionate attention is given to everything she wishes to excel at. They also displayed their free-thinking nature by expressing their desire to allow their daughter to pursue whatever she loves. The only thing that they want is that their daughter gives her best to whatever it is that her heart guides her to pursue.

Such deeply engrained devotion and focus towards one’s curricular and extracurricular activities is bound to leave an onlooker in awe. That is the effect Harshitaa has, and can potentially have on everyone who is observant of her development trajectory.

Furthermore, as stated above, one’s finesse at something is also impacted by the support one receives from one’s family and friends. Both Rimple and Ramit have been instrumental in ensuring that their daughter not only gets the space to develop her talent, but also the space to pursue whatever she wishes to do in life. They oversee that Harshitaa does not stop honing her talents and ensure that she dedicates at least 1-2 hours a day working on the things she likes.

It goes without saying that this makes them feel proud of their upbringing and the efforts they put in to ensure that their daughter has a bright future ahead. From the looks of it, their efforts, combined with their talented daughter, shall surely ensure that there is no challenge the world can pose that their daughter cannot overcome.