JAIVEER CHUGH: A Multi-talented Star

Genius reveals itself early in life. The signs are all there for the discerning eye to take notice. Some children discover something that interests them and pursue it with singular passion, becoming child prodigies. Other geniuses find a single field insufficient to contain their interest and venture out, testing themselves in multiple disciplines and striving to excel in each. Jaiveer Chugh is one such multi-talented star.
Born in New Delhi, on November 17, 2015, to Aditi and Aakash Chugh, Jaiveer demonstrated his skill in various fields from an early age. He not only sings well but also plays the piano. He draws and paints as well. He has also shown his creative genius in storytelling. Apart from all this, his confidence in public speaking led him to become an able compere at school events.

Jaiveer is an excellent conversationalist and loves to talk and engage with people. All good cooks eat well, or they would not know what makes for good food. In the same manner, all good conversationalists are avid readers. The same is true of Jaiveer. Jaiveer loves to read. He picks a book every night to read. It is all a part of being good with words. Being good with words is a core skill, which has helped Jaiveer to become an excellent storyteller and public speaker as well. Currently, Jaiveer is the school assembly compere.
It all began at the tender age of four, when Jaiveer first started reading. His fascination with the written word only grew with time. The more he learned, the more he wanted to share what he had learned with other people. The more he talked to people, the more his confidence grew. His teachers were quick to notice this and encouraged him by taking him to compering, and show and tell activities. His teachers continue to encourage him to take part in all competitions.
As a storyteller, Jaiveer loves to participate in show and tell events and the storytelling of books he has read. He participates enthusiastically in storytelling competitions. Recently, he took part in GIT competition – Storytelling.
Jaiveer comes from a family that encourages and supports him every step of the way, but it is Jaiveer’s mother Aditi who is truly his pillar of strength. She takes care of his every need and encourages him to follow his dreams. She takes a keen interest in all activities Jaiveer participates in and keeps herself updated of his progress in school. Without such support, it would have been difficult for a child like Jaiveer, who is pursuing multiple interests and excelling in each, to manage all his activities with equal zeal. It is here that Aditi steps in to create to space that allows Jaiveer to excel.
Apart from playing with words, Jaiveer is also deeply interested in fine arts. He loves to draw and paint. His artwork was first published in Robin Age newspaper, India’s leading children’s newspaper, when he was just five-years-old. In total, the Robin Age newspaper has published three artworks produced by Jaiveer, as part of the Robin Age Young Sparks 2021 Art Competition.
Despite the hectic schedule with all that Jaiveer does, it is nothing short of a miracle that he does manages to keep up with studies without fail. He attends regular classes and continues to read, and expand his knowledge.
At the moment, young Jaiveer is going with the flow and testing himself in all the activities he is interesting in. Soon, he would discover those activities that he absolutely excels in, and with passion and dedication, Jaiveer would make a name for himself. We are waiting for the time to come.