Khanak Hitesh Gada -A Cube Polymath

‘Age is just a number’ this statement truly flows in line with Khanak Hitesh Gada, a 5 year old girl from Mumbai. Being born on 2nd June 2018 to Hitesh Umarshi Gada & Kalpana Hitesh Gada. Khanak started to show interest in cubing at an early age of 4 years when a family friend  Sameer Dedhia of Gada’s taught her cubing. She showed great interest in the same and kept cubing since then. She firstly began cubing from a 3X3 cube and mastered it, after that, she shifted to a 2X2 cube & then the pyramid cube. She solves all three cubes in less then 7 minutes . She is really keen and curious to learn new concepts and things. The favorite thing of Khanak in context with cubing is the mathematical formulas, which is really easy for her to imagine and solve while she is solving the cube. Khanak is not only good in cubing but she shows great interest in puzzle solving like BrainVita in less than 50sec, Connect4 among others. Khanak usually spends almost 30 to 60 minutes to shape and sharpen her cubing abilities and after completing her school’s homework and studies, she takes her cube immediately and ask her parents to jumble it and while she solves the cube, she makes her parents set a timer. Everyday, she tries to solve the cube in new and better ways. Not only in cubing, Khanak is also good in speech, coloring, drawing, oration and shlokas. She has also won 1st position in Hindi Recitation competition, English Storytelling and Hindi Storytelling competition along with winning a  3rd position in Show and Tell competion, Nityanjali Drawing competition held in Central Zone Of  Mumbai & English Recitation Competition. Being this young and this talented, Khanak is truly a god-gifted child and with her high-skills abilities, Khanak must achieve greater heights and have a Bright future ahead. Studying in school name missing (Holy Angels School & College) Dombivli (East), Thane , Maharashtra