Koti Vikhyat Reddy: The Maths Wizard

“The real magic wand is the child’s own mind,” Jose Ortega y Gasset has said about children. Koti Vikhyat Reddy is a wonder kid born on June 29, 2016, to the lucky couple, Hari Krishna Reddy and Deepika Reddy. Vikhyat was a special child from day one. He was inquisitive and curious about everything around him and had the thirst to learn more every day. He started showing interest in mathematics at a very young age and started solving complicated problems with the understanding of Abacus at the tender age of four.

His parents were very impressed by this and made sure they provided Vikhyat an environment in which he could thrive and grow. The environment in which a child grows up is an important determinant of how his/her future would shape out. Vikhyat’s parents made sure they gave him a nurturing environment and encouraged him to get better every day. Vikhyat’s mother was the first one to notice his talent and his love for numbers, and she encouraged him to pursue this love for numbers with the help of Abacus. The entire family stands behind Vikhyat, and supports him in his endeavours so that he wins every challenge that life throws at him.

A teacher is like a guardian and is just as important for the growth of the child. Vikhyat is blessed to have such a teacher who made sure that he became a better version of himself every step of the journey. Simpy Arora is the teacher every child deserves. She is the one who pushed Vikhyat to learn more and made sure that she was facilitating his intelligence and guiding him on the right path.

Vikhyat is an all-rounder and balances studies and extra-curricular activities very efficiently. He has achieved that optimum balance when it comes to paying attention to all his interests. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, which Vikhyat is not. Vikhyat is a beautiful artist with a love for drawing. He has also participated in pageants and talent shows. He has a magnetic personality that draws everyone around him.

He has a long list of achievements but to mention a few, he won MVLA Trust Prathibha Samman Balaratna Award for his outstanding achievement in Abacus; he also won the Born to Win Award, India Top 10 Talented Kids Award, Kala Gaurav Award, The Child Prodigy, Youth Icon Award, and The Brainiac Award. He has received awards from the Centre for Educational Development, Pune, National Centre for Educational Development and National Education And Human Resource Development, Mumbai. He was also awarded the Indian Star Iconic Kid Achievers Award. He participated in a world record doing 10-digit number calculations by World Wide Record. He also won the World Wide Talent Hunt Show. He is also an official world record holder in the International Book of Records. He was featured on local television channels and newspapers for his outstanding achievements in several fields. Vikhyat has several national competition titles to his name as well. This list is proof of the multi-talented personality of Vikhyat.

Vikhyat has many dreams but one of the dreams he plans to fulfil no matter what is the dream of becoming an IPS officer. He wants to develop a game, and an app that is helpful to the society. He wants more world records in his name.

This wonder kid wants to do as much as he can in this lifetime – climb every mountain, win every battle and conquer every obstacle. He does not shy away from hard work and leaves no stone unturned to make sure he achieves everything he dreams of.