Lavanya: The Wonder Child

Starting young is the road to early success and six-year-old Lavanya is right on track. Gifted with great talents and greater dreams, Lavanya is a Ghaziabad-based kid who started showing her skills when she was barely two-and-a-half years old. Her efforts did not go unnoticed. Lavanya’s parents recognised her many talents and the effort that she was putting in from a very young age. It was a pleasure for Mohit Sharma and Pratiksha Sharma to see their daughter hone and develop her skills at such a tender age.

Lavanya’s first noticeable moment of recognition came at the age of three-and-a-half, when she won her first competition. This was the point where Pratiksha Sharma noticed that her daughter was born with considerable aptitude and that this aptitude could be channelised into something great in the future. This thought process inspired Lavanya’s family to support her in every endeavour that she undertook. Lavanya also wrote a table book, when she was in first standard. Having been born into a loving and caring family, Lavanya never faced a lack of family support. Lavanya’s family always stood by her side, backed her, and cheered for her, in whatever interest she wanted to pursue. No one opposed her in the pursuit of her talents and everyone was, and still is, very encouraging and supportive.

Lavanya believes in “practice makes perfect” and acts on this belief religiously. She spends three hours every day sharpening her talents and is driven by her dream to become a civil servant. She is also multi-talented and versatile, and pursues a variety of activities such as dancing, drawing, Abacus, and even Karate. In May 2022, she won the best fighter award and world sport bigger two gold medals in a tournament organized by the International Games Federation of the United World in Goa. Her dream of becoming a civil servant motivates her to maintain an all-round personality with exceptional skill at everything that she gets her hands on. She is also engaged in poetry and writing, and often comes up with works of her own. This wide range of activities also helps her keep her mental and physical strengths in sync, and attain an optimal balance between her body, mind, and spirit.

When in the pursuit of such extensive activities, time management is an essential tool required for seamlessly navigating through all such activities. It is crucial for anyone pursuing a variety of activities to allocate time to each activity in proportion to the work that needs to be done, as well as the nature of the activity. Activities need to be sorted out on a priority basis and time allotted accordingly. Therefore, it is not easy for children to have a proper understanding and sense of time management at a tender age. Thankfully, Lavanya is guided by her mother, who manages her timetable and decides what is important for her accordingly. This supervision and guidance is necessary to enable Lavanya to seamlessly pursue her various talents without having to worry about other things.

Another important consideration while pursuing such extensive activities is right guidance and training. At the beginner’s level, it is easy to work on one’s talents. However, for proficiency at something, the right amount of training by the right coach is essential. This is where Shihan Sachin Tyagi and Swati Mittal come into the picture. Both have helped Lavanya polish her skills and become better at her natural talents. Due to the right amount of training by the right people, Lavanya has also won several accolades. She won her first competition when she was three-and-a-half years old, and her latest victories include a champion of champion trophy in an Abacus competition and another one for dance.

All of this has been possible not only because Lavanya was gifted naturally and had it in her to do all these things, but also because she was surrounded by the right people who always encouraged and motivated her. Considering her trajectory, one can safely assume that she is bound to do great things in life.