MasterChef Preya Malik

Delhi based Preya Malik may not hold the title of MasterChef yet. However, considering her interest and passion for baking, this achievement does not seem far off either. Having acquired the talent from her mother Purva Malik, Preya started baking at the age of 15. Her mother noticed her passion for baking when she realized that Preya had developed a keen interest in baking while watching her mother bake cakes. When she herself went on to try her hand at it, the result seemed quite remarkable.

All budding talents need a support network. In Preya’s case, it is her entire family. The person most supportive of Preya’s passion is and has always been her mother. She also receives full support, appreciation and encouragement from her father, Aman Malik. The parents always ensure that Preya faces no roadblocks in the pursuit of her passion. The entire family is supportive and no one has ever come in the way of her pursuing her dreams.

What drives Preya to pursue this passion is her curiosity for trying out new and novel recipes every time she makes something. She loves the result of the entire process and the effort put in by her into making something delicious.

While the pressure of time management of hobbies and passions often mounts on young minds, Preya follows a relatively more relaxed model of time management when it comes to baking. She does not bind herself to a particular schedule, but allows her passion to develop naturally by pursuing it when she has time to spare and the desire to do something about it. Sometimes, talent needs to be given space for development. It can only be pursued and polished when the desire to do so comes from the inside. A forceful imposition of any activity might give way to the feelings of resentment towards it. Therefore, to ensure a positive outlook towards her talent and passion, instead of forcing it upon herself to practice it day after day, Preya allows her heart to guide her as to when she wants to be out there baking delicious delicacies.

John McLaughlin once said, “Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are”. Happiness that is derived out of something always has the scope of being shadowed by preparation. While preparation is truly a brilliant activity to undertake, it often has the chance of reducing spontaneous happiness, joy, and pleasure. Therefore, Preya stands to gain the most happiness out of her passion, as she allows her passion to flow naturally. This is reflected in her not having any long-term plans regarding her baking. Essentially, she is going to see where it takes her, and hopefully it will take her to some promising places with lots of scope for a bright future in the culinary field.

When it comes to accomplishments, Preya displays her prowess in the field of music as well. She goes on to show that she can move beyond her natural aptitude to achieve success in other fields as well. She has won a certificate in a Qawwali Concert. While she has not received any accolades for baking yet, considering her ability and prowess, it can be safely said that the day is not far away either. Furthermore, considering that Preya only bakes when she wants and feels like baking, and when she has spare time on her hand, it can be assumed that the 17-year-old wonder spends her time productively focusing on her responsibilities as a student.

With her accomplishments, habits, and the desire to pursue her talent, one can only visualize a bright future ahead for her.