Shonit Gupta: A Prodigy In The Making

Perseverance and dedication are two important and indispensable qualities for achieving big things in life. Usually, it takes time and effort to inculcate these skills, but 10-year-old, NOIDA based Shonit Gupta makes it look effortless. His achievements as a 10-year-old are remarkable and his drive and ambition for his future is inspirational.

At the tender age of three, Shonit was already conquering taekwondo arenas and winning gold medals. He had been an active kid ever since birth and it was impossible not to take note of this. Not only his diligence, but that of his family too, is admirable. His mother, Eashanee Gupta was remarkably supportive after having noticed his talent. There was no opposition within the family, and Shonit lovingly received everyone’s support and encouragement. His mother was the one who taught him about the importance of perseverance in the pursuit of excellence.

Unlike casual hobbies, Shonit took his athletics quite seriously. He started skating at the age of five, karate at the age of seven and shooting at the age of nine. He would hone his talents for a minimum of two hours every day. Any extra time by way of holidays would not go wasted, as Shonit would then practice straight up for four hours.

It is not one’s own goals for oneself that define one’s aspirations, but one’s desire to do a greater good in the pursuit of one’s own ambitions. Shonit wishes to see himself standing tall on the Olympics Podium, having won a medal for India. It most probably would be for shooting, as Shonit excels in 10-meter air pistol shooting. However, given his athletic background, it would not be a surprise if he amazes everyone with extraordinary talent in something else, too.

Shonit’s achievements are not only restricted to athletics. His parents Bharat Gupta and Eashanee Gupta are both proud of this. Shonit is an excellent student who won a scholar badge for his 2021-2022 term in the school. He has an array of medals in competitions such as International Social Science Olympiad, International Mathematics Olympiad, English Writing and Hindi Recitation Competitions.

His achievements include another array of gold medals in 10 Meter Air Pistol All India Open Shooting Championship (sub youth category), 500m and 300m inter-school skating championships, and Karate Interschool Championship. He also distinguished himself by qualifying in Pre-UP state shooting championship and national skating competition. Apart from these extensive achievements, his accolades include several silver and bronze medals, and other prizes of distinctions in several school and district level championships, such as dojo-karate tournaments and skating championships.

A major credit for all these accolades also goes to his coaches and trainers. He has several experienced and specialist coaches who help him polish his talents. His coach Parul oversees his shooting, while Md. Zaheer, Satendra Singh, and Jeetu oversee his skating. For all his gold medals in Martial Arts, his Karate coach Dilip has been the guiding light.

Shonit manages his time because he functions by the idea that there are only 24 hours a day for every individual, and it is upon the person to maximize his potential and productivity within those 24 hours. Apart from his extensive achievements, he is also involved in several performing arts such as music and dancing. He also has an interest in modern art. He has started to learn the guitar, too.

With all this in his bag, the only thing left for him is to pave his future in a way that marks him in the minds of the whole nation. His plans are in sync with this idea. He wishes, dreams, and aspires to qualify for the Indian team and wants to represent and win for India at the international level. Along with that, he also wishes to pursue software engineering from the best college there is. For the fulfillment of this dream, he is willing to put in the required work and effort and practice with as much dedication as possible.