Taairah Soni: The Singing Sensation

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife,” said Kahlil Gibran. Words truer than this have not been spoken since. Taairah Soni is one of the select few who are blessed with the music bug.

Taarini Soni and Abhinav Soni were blessed with this angelic daughter on May 2, 2018, on a scorching Delhi summer day. Taairah started singing like a bird at the tender age of three years and not just anything, but intricate old Hindi songs. She was singing complicated songs with love and ease in no time, which delighted and shocked everyone around her. This audiophile has memorized more than 15 songs at her age and her parents believe that she is destined to be a very famous singer or artist.
Taairah is a multi-talented four-year-old with an infectious stage presence and confidence that defies her tender age. At just the age of 1.5, she was participating in her first pageant called the Master and Miss Universe kids and she brought home the title of Miss Photogenic. She also walked the ramp at the 2021 India Kids Fashion Week and was awarded by the child prodigy organization as the youngest kid to sing songs from the golden era.
Taairah is a confident child with excellent communication skills, and
has the ability to engage with anyone she comes across. She memorises things
quickly. She loves playing with her toys, and makes up stories on her own while playing, and narrates them in an American accent, something that has never been taught to her. She loves being clicked and loves seeing herself on TV.
This kid, a big fan of Sanam Puri, wishes to learn music and become a professional singer. Taairah, at four, is living proof that age is indeed just a number. Inspiring everyone around, Taairah is supported by her family wholeheartedly.

With music by her side and her parents to support her, Taairah is on her way to creating sensational music and becoming a source of motivation for her peers and elders alike.