Vevan Khanna: The Young Achiever

Four-years-old might seem a little young to start at, but New Delhi based Vevan Khanna is giving his all when it comes to exploring and navigating through various options when it comes to extra-curricular activities. Vevan’s parents Bhanu Khanna and Isha Khanna noticed that their child was performing with extraordinary energy and vigour at as young an age as four. They then made it their mission to give Vevan ample growth and development opportunities.

In terms of family support, Vevan never faced any criticism and always received everyone’s encouragement. His parents have been the most supportive figures in his life. His coach, Mr. Pandey, is the one who helps him polish and hone his skills and talents.

It is surprising how Vevan, at the tender age of four, realizes the importance of managing time. He allocates an hour daily to pursue and polish his talents. Furthermore, he has a sense of balance when it comes to his studies and extra-curricular activities. He allocates sufficient time to both and makes sure that he does not compromise on either. What drives him to take such calculated measures towards pursuing his talents is his desire to explore new things and find out what he truly likes.

All prodigies start young. Sachin Tendulkar was merely 16 years old when he scored a century for Bombay and became India’s youngest Test Cricketer (International). Therefore, Vevan starting young to work on his talents is a sign of focus, commitment, and a desire to do well in life.

Vevan is just four-years-old and his roadmap for the future is quite simple right now. All he wishes to do is perform exceptionally at whatever he undertakes. Currently, he is exploring his options and working on finding a niche. With such dedication at such a tender age, Vevan has everything it takes to turn his dreams to reality.