Eight Essential Skills Every Teen Must Develop

Children moving on and leaving the nest is a common phenomenon, but what are the essential life skills that your teen needs to know before he/she moves out into the world? Unless your teen knows the right set of skills for survival in the world, they will have trouble being independent. 

Here are some vital skills teens must learn to make their way in the world:

1. Financial Literacy

Good money management leads to financial security. It is a significant factor contributing to a stable life. Thus, money management skills are vital for a teen to learn as soon as possible, and it helps in understanding the value of money and conscious spending. 

2. Ability to Set Goals

We all wish for success, though how we define it and attain it is different. Goals help train our sights on long-term results while simultaneously focusing on short-term targets. Having long-term aims helps to side-step the endless distractions of life that may derail your long-term plans. 

3. Flexibility

No one knows what life may bring. Neither do we know in advance the hard choices we may have to make. Hard work and smartness will undoubtedly help, but flexibility is an important attribute. Flexibility will help figure a way around whatever obstacles arise in a teen’s life without missing a step.

4. Persistence

Persistence helps one cope when encountering failures or mistakes, and learning from those mistakes by following them up with self-improvement rather than throwing in the towel. The adult world is never easy, and having a dogged persona is crucial, for when you fall, you will have the ability to dust off and carry on.

5. Developing Confidence

Having confidence gives the individual courage to follow through with a plan. You may experience self-doubt when you come across opportunities. In the teen, confidence-building measures are necessary, and they can get started by making small life decisions before moving to the more crucial ones. 

6. Display Leadership Qualities

No one is a born leader. Like other attributes, it is also learnt, and it isn’t something you can pick up from a textbook. Innate qualities such as empathy, diplomacy and a calm demeanour are much needed in the workplace. 

Teenagers can hone leadership skills by assuming leadership positions at school when the opportunities present themselves. Handling a diverse set of individuals is something you can’t learn in a classroom.

7. Communicate Effectively

Of all the skills required to cope with the real world, the ability to communicate effectively is vital. Unless you put your ideas across with clarity, they will not have the desired effect and will not see the light of day.

Just like leadership skills, communication abilities can be developed. Joining a debate club at school will see astonishing results. You can even offer to make a presentation for the school project you have been working on. 

8. Time Management

Time management is a crucial skill to have as you pass into adulthood and even in your teen years. Juggling college projects, deadlines, personal hobbies, and social obligations can be a demanding affair. 

Approach time management in a practical way by creating schedules and to-do lists to make juggling multiple activities easier. 


It is common for teens to feel plenty of pressure as they proceed toward adulthood. Rest assured, picking up these valuable attributes is a steady process that will also spill over into the adult years. 

Be sure to get a head start by grabbing what opportunities come your way in your formative years to help shine in the adult world, where you need to handle all your affairs independently.

Apart from the skills shared here, you could also consider learning some other everyday skills.

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