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Problems That Dysfunctional Families Can Engender In Children

A family has a significant influence on the children, for it is the primary source of security, love and appropriate values — a combination of these three forms the basis on which the children build their moral code.     The parenting style adopted at home significantly 

Five Significant Emotional Changes Children Between 11 and 14 Go Through

As defined by the WHO, adolescence is the phase bridging childhood and adulthood, lasting between the ages of 10 and 19. In this phase, they experience brisk physical, cognitive and psychosocial changes. Psychosocial changes are about how the mind, consciously or unconsciously, adjusts to the 

Five Tips To Communicate Better With Babies And Children

Good communication between the child and the parent is vital for developing a positive relationship. A relationship with a rock solid foundation makes it easier to talk about difficult topics, as the child grows older.  All interaction with your child is a form of communication. 

Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Children

All parents are guilty of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time – leaving their kids hurt, angry, or confused. Hurtful words have adverse long-term effects on children – especially when parents use these words, as they are supposed to be a source of 

Five Reasons Why Children Don’t Listen To Their Parents

How often have you felt that your child didn’t listen to a word you said or chose to ignore you? This behaviour would undoubtedly be hard to deal with as a parent, but you would have to consider the possibility that the reason why your 

How To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Let’s face the fact that life is demanding and will always find ways to keep us busy. Between juggling work and life’s many responsibilities, we find that even if we had 36 hours in a day, it may not be enough. In the midst of 

The Right Way To Deal With Toddler Tantrums

A tantrum is a way children express frustration over their limitations or anger at not being allowed to have their way.  The toddler could be having some trouble completing a task or figuring something new out.  The frustration they feel usually triggers an outburst that 

Ten Toddler Problems That Parents Must Address Right

Raising your little angels becomes challenging when they become toddlers. They act difficult and display defiant behaviour, which can be simple things like refusing to eat or putting on their shoes. In such situations, parents can be at a loss about how to respond to 

What Is Teenage Angst And What Every Parent Must Know About It

One can expect some amount of attitude from your child as they reach the teen years. Sudden displays of anger without provocation can seem too much, tempting parents to follow it up with an outburst of their own.   Doing so may only make things worse 

Eight Essential Skills Every Teen Must Develop

Children moving on and leaving the nest is a common phenomenon, but what are the essential life skills that your teen needs to know before he/she moves out into the world? Unless your teen knows the right set of skills for survival in the world,